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Climate Change and Inequality

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Coventry University’s Faculty of Business and Law are hosting “Lets go to the Cop” – a climate change competition to encourage collaboration, conversation and community amongst Coventry University staff and students.


Theme 2 Climate Change and Inequality

Climate change has increased global inequality.  Populations, organisations and countries which are responsible for the causes of climate change are often different to the populations, organisations and countries which experience the impact of climate change.  We want to learn your thoughts and ideas about this issue.

Four types of submission are possible:

  • short film (maximum of 2 minutes duration)
  • media article or blog (this should include a headline, original photograph and up to 300 word of text)
  • virtual poster
  • flash fiction (maximum of 400 words)

Submissions must be made through the competition website by the deadline of 12 noon Monday 22nd of November.
Submissions for this Theme should use the links at the bottom of this page.

Here is an example of a article entry…

Each entrant can decide whether to submit one or more of the above types of submission (film, article, poster, fiction).Each entrant can only make one submission in each of the relevant links below and that one submission must include all of the intended types of submission (film, article, poster, fiction).

All entrants will be eligible for a Digital Certificate and Prizes will be awarded to the submissions that the Judges deem to satisfy the criteria below most effectively.

winners cup

The Judging Criteria


  • Message: A clear and compelling message that is consistent with Theme 2 and draws on scientific evidence (25%)
  • Originality of message delivery: An element of originality in presentation of the climate change message (25%)
  • Solution focus: demonstration of leadership by offering an alternative solution to society, organisations and economies (25%)
  • Overall quality: (25%)

Theme 2 Student Individual Entries

Use this link to make submissions if you are a student in any School or Discipline in the University.



Theme 2 Student School Group Entries

Use this link to make submissions as a School Group eg all participants from the same Academic School such as Economics, Finance and Accounting (EFA), Health and Life Sciences (HLS), Law etc.

Theme 2 Student Multidisciplinary Group Entries

Use this link to make submissions as a Multidisciplinary Group eg participants are from at least two different Academic Schools

Theme 2 Staff Individual Entries

Use this link to make staff individual submissions.

Theme 2 Entries